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Yukiwa Jigger 1 oz x 1.75 oz


Yukiwa Barware


• Material: Stainless steel
• 1.77" dia x 4.37" ht (4.5cm dia x 11.1cm ht)
• (Approximately 1 oz x 1.75 oz)
• Made in Japan

*This item is the largest jigger pictured on the very right.

This classic jigger is made with precision and is a well balanced piece that will help you move faster during busy service. This jigger is hand polished with a mirror finish, also making it a great piece for show. The smaller side measures 1 oz while the larger side measures 2 oz. Precision and consistency are crucial in making the best cocktails.

Japanese bartenders/mixologists have been in the spotlight for the past few years, gaining recognition in world cocktail championships for their presentation, precision, professionalism, attention to detail, shaking techniques, and of course, high quality bar tools. Just as Japanese knives have become the preferred choice among many chefs and cooks around the world, Japanese bar tools have started to become the top choice for bartenders and mixologists worldwide.

Yukiwa (manufactured by Sampo Sangyo Co., Ltd) is a leading brand for stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils, banquetware and service wagons in Japan, and their bar tools are highly regarded by the bar industry for the quality as well as ergonomic designs.

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