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Yamasa Tairyo Dashi Granulated Authentic Japanese Bonito Soup Stock 2.2 LB (1 kg)


Yamasa "Tairyo Dashi", Dehydrated Japanese Style Soup Stock us an all purpose soup stick that brings balanced "Umami" to many variety if dishes you prepare. The essence of Japanese cooking, prepared bonito flavor, is perfectly harmonized with all the other flavor enhancers. The economical value is another reason to try YAMASA "Tairyo Dashi".


Manufacturer: Yamasa
Ingredients: Salt, Monosodium-Glutamate, Lactose, Dried bonito powder, Sugar, Disodium-5-Nosnate, Disodium-5-Guanylate
2.2 LB (1 kg)
Country of Origin: Japan
Shelf Life: 1 year

Product Disclaimer

We import food products from Japan via sea, so the shelf life will be shorter than it is in the Japanese markets. The expiration date usually will be around 3-9 months. Food products cannot be returned unless the expiration date is within 1 month when the item is delivered. If any food items in your order do not meet your expectations please contact us within 30 days. You can reach to us at or (201) 806-1827.