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Sawara Cypress Edobitsu Sushi Rice Jar - Ohitsu 60 fl oz / 10.63" dia


Sawara cypress is very similar to the Japanese cypress (hinoki) but its aroma is not as strong, making it suitable for storing sushi rice. It is a rough grain wood with a matte finish, and absorbs excess moisture from the rice to prevent sogginess, and make it the perfect texture for sushi. This hand made wooden sushi jar is both elegant and practical, and perfect for high end sushi bars.


• Dimensions: 10.63" dia x 6.7" ht (27cm dia x 17cm ht)
• Capacity: 60 fl oz, 10 Cups (1 Cup = 180ml), 約10合
• Material: Sawara wood (Sawara cypress) and copper

Before first use

[1] Add some water and 3 tablespoons of vinegar in the barrel, spread it all over the interior, and leave for approximately 3 hours
[2] Wash lightly

After use care

[1] Wash with water or hot water and wipe with a cloth. Please use a detergent with a neutral odor
[2] Completely dry by exposing to sunlight
[3] Store in the box

* Please be aware that the copper rings are slightly oversized so they fit perfectly around the jar during the more humid season. If it slides off, it is not a manufacturing defect.

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