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Tsukiji Masamoto #5000 Knife Sharpening Stone



Material: Synthetic stone
Grit: 5000
Dimensions: 8 1/8" x 3" x 3/4" ht

Use this fine grit stone after sharpening with a coarse and medium grit to remove any scratches on the surface or to simply realign a slightly dull edge for a razor sharp finish. Using a fine grit stone to polish your edge can actually help to make carbon steel knives more rust proof. Masamoto stones are especially suitable for high carbon steel knives.

Tsukiji Masamoto offers knife sharpening services mainly for professional cooks at their store in Tokyo's famed Tsukiji Market so you know you can trust the quality of their whetstones. Mr. Hirano, the owner, controls the consistency and quality of the stones so his customers can be assured.

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