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Takamura Chromax Gyuto 180mm (7.1") Hammered (Tsuchime)



Brand : Takamura Cutlery
Style : Gyuto (Chef's Knife)
Blade Length : 180mm (7.1")
Weight : oz ( lbs)
Special Feature: Tsuchime (hammered)
Blade Steel Type : Chromax*
Handle material : Resin-Treated Compressed Wood
HRC : 64-65
Bevel Angle Ratio : 50/50
Spine Thickness: mm
Cover : Not included


Gyuto (Chef's Knife)

The Gyuto (lit. Cow Sword) is an adaptation of the French chef knife profile for the Japanese market. While the name cow sword would imply that this knife is meant only for meat, its versatility is the same a Santoku and can be used as a general-purpose knife for any task. Many would consider a Gyuto or chef's knife to be the one essential knife for any kitchen with all other knives being secondary. Compared to a German style chef's knife, a Gyuto will have a somewhat flatter profile: this profile lends itself well to push-cutting which is common for Japanese chefs, as opposed to rock-chopping. Gyuto also tend to be thinner at the edge as well as the spine than most European chef's knives and as a result have less lateral toughness and care should be taken not to torque the blade while cutting to minimize the risk of chipping.


Takamura knives have a core metal sandwiched between a different Steel Type so changing the bevel angle will alter the structure of the blade and it will lose its sharpness.

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