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Hasegawa Antibacterial Plastic Hangiri Rice Barrel 28.3" dia



Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 28.3" dia (60 cm) x 6.7" ht (17 cm)
Wieght : 10.60 lb

A hangiri is a barrel or tub that is traditionally used to mix rice with vinegar when making sushi. It is also used to mix rice with a variety of ingredients to make chirashizushi.

This is a completely new style of hangiri which is made from plastic with a foam interior. The resin foam used inside of the hangiri and shamoji set reduces the weight, making it easier to transport and reducing fatigue during use. The resin foam used in the interior also aids in thermal insulation, keeping the rice at the optimal temperature for longer.

Unlike conventional hangiri, you no longer have to worry about the wood cracking or reinforcement hoops coming loose.
It is easy to clean and use this product. Just wash with dish soap and dry it in a rack. No need to worry about the wood swelling, becoming moldy or harboring dangerous bacteria, and corrosion with the vinegar that happens to stainless steel bowls.

Hasegawa Plastic Hangiri has met the requirements of Japan 's Antimicrobial Product Technology Council and got the "SIAA" mark.
With appropriate care and handling, this new Hangiri will prove to be a long lasting and economical investment.

• Stackable.
• Bleach Safe.
• Antimicrobial coating.
• Nonstick surface enables to mix rice easier.
• Foam resin used in the interior brings it thermal insulation.
• Do not use dishwasher.

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