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Suehiro Screw-Type Adjustable Sharpening Stone Holder No.32


This stone holder from Suehiro features a wider base, meaning more secure purchase on the work surface, as well as a single threaded screw for quicker adjustment. This stone holder accommodates wider and longer stones than our double-threaded stone holder and perfectly accommodates the Suehiro Debado MD series as well as the Debado SNE series if you choose to use them without their included plastic base. This stone holder has a higher rubber lip at either end than our other stone holder, however, and as such is not well-suited to use with the Shapton Glass series or Nanohone series.


Material: Stainless steel and rubber
Dimensions: 320mm × 90mm × 40mm ht (12.6" x 3.5" x 1.6" ht)
Suitable whetstone: 150mm - 250mm (5.9" - 9.8")

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