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Suehiro GC-3 Kongou-to #180 Knife Sharpening Stone


Suehiro’s traditional stones are well regarded as exceptional values for performance and this green carborundum coarse stone is no different. Coarse stones are essential to building the foundation of further sharpening, whether it be thinning the knife, removing chips or resetting a bevel. This stone is friable enough to shed fresh grit and keep cutting even on highly wear resistant steels but does not break down so fast as to be burdensome during intensive thinning. This stone does require a soak and can be thirsty during use, so generous water application is recommended.


• Grit: #180(Coarse)
• Type: Soaking
• Best for: Universal
• Dimensions: 8.11" x 2.95" x 1.97" ht (20.6×7.5×5cm)

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