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Suehiro Debado SNE #320 Knife Sharpening Stone


The Debado SNE #320, like the #600 in the same series, is more friable than its higher grit counterparts but is still splash-and-go. It offers a nice, grippy, tactile feedback during use, quite like the Cerax #320, but wearing down somewhat more slowly and not requiring a soak. We've found this stone to be effective at cutting a wide variety of steels, up to and including ZDP-189 and HAP40 and leaves a consistent, even finish with good contrast on wide bevel clad knives. This stone is totally splash-and-go, but is safe to permanently soak if desired.


• Grit: #320(Coarse)
• Type: Splash and Go
• Best for: Carbon/Low alloy stainless Knives
• Dimensions: 8.07" x 2.87" x 0.9" ht (20.5 x 7.3 x 2.3 cm)
• Comes with a plastic holder


• The number printed on the stone doesn't indicate grid #.

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