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Suehiro Debado SNE #1500 Knife Sharpening Stone


The Debado SNE line is an evolutionary iteration of Suehiro's old Debado line produced individually by hand with the goal of being more wear resistant while retaining its excellent cutting speed. Like most of the Debado SNE line, this stone has a hard, minimally friable bond and a smooth tactile feel. It performs best on lower alloy stainless or carbon steels and leaves a remarkably refined edge for its grit, while retaining lots of toothiness. It's less suited to the highly wear resistant stainless and semi-stainless steels such as ZDP-189, R2 and HAP40 but will perform well with the aid of a little slurry, kicked up from either the accompanying Nagura or a diamond plate. This stone is totally splash-and-go, but is safe to permanently soak if desired.


• Grit: #1500 (Medium)
• Type: Splash and Go
• Best for: Carbon/Low alloy stainless Knives
• Dimensions: 8.07" x 2.87" x 0.9" ht (20.5 x 7.3 x 2.3 cm)
• Comes with a plastic holder


• The number printed on the stone doesn't indicate grid #.

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