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Suehiro Debado MD #1000 Knife Sharpening Stone


The Debado MD line is an extra-wide series that were developed to be an easy solution to sharpening small blades which can often be sharpened along the entire length at once. The extra width makes sharpening longer knives and thinning more comfortable as well as there is a larger area for the blade to rest and a more consistent result may be achieved.

The Debado 1000# MD cuts in-between Shapton Glass 1000 and the Suehiro Cerax 1000. It does a great job of combining more of the traditional stone feel with the wear resistance and ease of use of a splash and go like Shapton Glass.


• Grit: #1000 (Medium)
• Type: Splash and Go
• Best for: Carbon/Stainless/HSS Knives
• Dimensions: 8.86" x 3.54" x 1.06" ht (22.5 x 9.0 x 2.7 cm)
• Comes with a rubber holder and a Nagura buffer stone.


• The number printed on the stone doesn't indicate grid #.

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