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Suehiro Cerax #1000 Knife Sharpening Stone Thicker



• Material: Synthetic stone
• Grit: 1000 (Medium)
• Dimensions: 8.9" x 3.5" x 2.4"ht (22.5cm × 9.0cm × 6.0cm)
• Weight: 90 oz / 2,550g
• Type: Soaking
• Comes with a black rubber holder and a Nagura buffer stone

The Cerax 1000 is a high abrasive concentration soaking stone which is perfect for regular maintenance of your knives. This is a porous, high-friability stone meaning that it needs a short soak before using and that you need to use less effort to get it to cut steel. This stone, especially so with single or wide bevel knives, builds up a quick slurry and creates a nice even finish with a nice contrast between soft and hard steel. Since it has such high abrasive concentration and friability, this stone also works well with highly abrasion resistant knife steels like HAP40, ZDP-189, CPM-M4, etc. This stone can be thought of as a direct upgrade from the King 1000.

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