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Stovetop Fish Grill with Ceramic Base


Cook fish, meat or vegetables with this grill over a stove top flame or direct fire. This is a great alternative for kitchens that don't have grills.
The ceramic-coated bottom acts as a heat sink which will absorb the flame to then emit radiant heat, mimicking the radiant cooking style of charcoal. Please take care not to rinse the grill in water while it is hot as the thermal shock can cause the ceramic coating to crack and fall off. A period of time pre-heating is advised in order to bring the ceramic to temperature, before lowering the flame so that cooking may occur gently to slow roast your food to perfection.


Material : Iron coated with ceramic, Chromium plated iron mesh, Phenolic resin
Dimensions : 9.84" x 8.28" x 1.38"ht (25cm x 21cm x 3.5cm ht)


Washable with water after cooling to room temperature. To prevent cracking, do not submerge in water while still hot

Ideal cooktops
  • Ideal for use on Gas Stove

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