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Stick Digital Sake Thermometer for Atsukan (Hot & Warm Sake)



Dimensions: 8.75" length, 1.25" width, 0.625" thichness
Temperature measurement range: -50°C to 300°C (-58°F to 572°F)
Display Unit: 1°C
Used Power: 1 lithium battery CR2032
Materials: Stainless Steel, ABS resin

This digital thermometer is used for making tasty and perfect warmed sake with a simple and easy operation.


• Automatic alarm notifies you when it reaches to temperature you set.
• Easy-to-read LCD display shows accurate temperature quick results.
• Drip-proof allows you to operate without caring wet hands.
• Come with a sanitary excellent cap and one lithium battery.

Japanese Sake's Various Serving Temperatures

5°C(41°F)- Yuki-hie
10°C(50°F)- Hana-hie
15°C(59°F)- Suzu-hie
20°C(68°F)- Jo-on (room temperature)
30°C(86°F)- Hinata-kan
35°C(95°F)- Hitohada-kan
40°C(104°F)- Nuru-kan
45°C(113°F)- Jo-kan
50°C(122°F)- Atsu-kan
55°C(131°F)- Tobikiri-kan

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