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Sigma Power Select II #240 Knife Sharpening Stone


Saicom Corporation has designed a series of stones specifically for the high-hardness, high-carbide, highly abrasion resistant tool steels of the modern day. Each stone is manufactured with a high concentration of quality abrasive in a logical progression order of grits in order to achieve an event, consistent finish in as little time as possible.

The 240 grit Power Select II feels much like many other Green Carborundum coarse stones with the difference of increased abrasive concentration and more open structure for improved cutting speed. This stone, like the 120 grit Oribetsu, requires a short soak as well as plentiful water in order to keep the surface lubricated. Dishing with the highly abrasion resistant steels this stone is designed for will not be significant, although the bond is weak enough that regular lapping will be necessary when sharpening relatively softer (<61 HRC) knives and sharpening wide bevel knives with soft cladding. While this stone is very fast, it leaves deep scratches so if aesthetic finish is important we strongly recommend spending time on a 400 grit stone before moving up to 1000 and beyond.


• Grit: #240 (Coarse)
• Type: Soaking
• Best for: Carbon/Stainless/HSS Knives
• Dimensions: 205 x 78 x 25 mm (8.07" x 3.07" x 0.98")

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