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[Clearance] Shigaraki Double Faced Design Gray Rectangular Plate 8.86" x 3.7"



• Material: Ceramic ( Shigaraki Ware )
• Dimensions: 8.86" x 3.7" x 0.63" ht (22.5cm x 9.4cm x 1.6cm ht)
• Weight: 1.58 lbs

Aesthetic appeal in traditional Japanese cuisine has always played a vital role, and the choice of tableware is just as important as the choice of ingredients. While a lot of other cuisines prefer a plain white canvas, Japanese chefs use plates, bowls, glasses, serving utensils and chopsticks to enhance and complement the presentation of food.

A unique feature of this dish is its reversible with a different design on each side.

Shigarakiyaki (Shigaraki Ware) is one of Japanese's six main ancient pottery styles, from Shiga Prefecture. Shigaraki city is one of the oldest known pottery producing regions of Japan, and they are famous for their mineral glaze with ash deposits and irregular contours. Since Shigaraki is located near Kyoto and Nara, where the Japanese tea ceremony originated, kilns were asked to create certain styles of tea ware for tea masters. The natural and rustic appearance complemented the principles and aesthetics of tea ceremonies. Shigaraki was also considered the perfect location for potters because of the abundance of high quality clay.

This manufacturer is one of the most well-known kilns who's experimental style has been extremely popular with some of the top restaurants in New York and around the world.

This rectangular plate is great for serving appetizers, hors d'oeuvre, tapas size dishes and sashimi assortment.

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