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Sakai Takayuki White #2 Uzushio Deba 180mm (7.1")



Style : Deba
Length : 180mm (7.1")
Weight : 11.7 oz (332 g)
Blade Steel Type : White #2 Damascus clad
Handle material : Ho wood and Buffalo horn ferrule
HRC : 61
Bevel Angle Ratio : Single bevel (Right-Handed)
Cover : Not included

Blade & Handle

This Hon-kasumi Uzushio (Damascus) knife represents some of the best single bevel craftsmanship available from Sakai. Hon-deba like these are thicker, heavier and taller than other variants which is beneficial when butchery larger fish with sturdier bones.

Deba Knife

Deba are large single-bevel knives used for butchering fish. They are very thick at the spine, with the shinogi line usually starting near the bottom third of the knife. The heavy weight coupled with the thin edge from the single bevel let the knife break through fish bones with ease while maintaining a keen, sharp cutting edge. Deba are not flexible, like Western filet knives, and are not used for the up-and-over butchery style but rather "sanmai oroshi" or "gomai oroshi" meaning three-piece and five-piece butchery respectively, where the knife will cut directly through the rib bones and ride along the spine to carve as closely to the bone as possible.

Matching Cover
Wooden Knife Saya Cover for Deba Knife 180mm

Wooden Knife Saya Cover for Deba Knife 180mm (7.1")