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Sakai Takayuki White #2 Mizu-Honyaki Sakimaru Takohiki 300mm (11.8") with Gunome Hamon



Style : Takohiki
Length : 300mm (11.8")
Weight : 11.1 oz (315 g)
Special Feature : Mizu-Honyaki
Blade Steel Type : White #2
Handle material : Ebony and White Corian
Bevel Angle Ratio : Single bevel
Cover : Included

Blade & Handle

Blacksmith Kenji Togashi and sharpener Hirotsugu Tosa, two of the premier craftsmen in Sakai, have created this stunning White #2 Mizu-Honyaki Sakimaru Takohiki. Mizu-Honyaki represents the highest level of work a blacksmith produces due to the high potential rate of failure and difficulty of finishing. These particular knives feature a Hamon style called “Gunome” which is the name for the wave pattern on the Hira.

Takohiki Knife

A Takohiki (Octopus Slicer) is another variant on the Yanagiba. These knives tend to be shorter height-wise than average Yanagiba while typically not quite as thin at the spine as a Fuguhiki might be. Most commonly the tip of a Takohiki is blunt and not intended to be sharpened although there is a variant known as a Sakimaru (curved tip) Takohiki that has a more defined tip area. The tip of a Sakimaru Takohiki is also not meant to be sharpened. Takohiki will also generally have a flatter profile than Fuguhiki and Yanagiba although the primary performance-related differences between the three styles come from the height and thickness variation.

Warning: Carbon steel knives will rust if not maintained properly. Use the Tsukiji Masamoto or Sabitohru Rust Remover to clean oxidized blades.
-Tsukiji masamoto Rust Remover
-Sabitohru Rust Remover