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Sakai Takayuki Inox Deba 210mm (8.2")



Style : Deba
Length : 210mm (8.2")
Weight : 17.76 oz
Blade Steel Type : Inox
Handle material : Antibacterial plastic (Handle color will be in black)
HRC : 60
Bevel Angle Ratio : Single bevel
Cover : Not included

Blade & Handle

Aoki Hamono applies their expertise in crafting traditional knives to produce knives that are appealing to non-Japanese cooks. This series offers the sharpness of traditional single bevel blades but are rust-resistant and not as brittle, so more suitable for cooks who don't want to work with a delicate knife. The blade is actually made in the traditional style of the kasumi, but by layering Inox steel and soft stain-resistant steel instead of carbon steel and soft iron. The anti-bacterial handle ensures hygiene standards, and is ideal for cooks who butcher fish or meat.

Deba Knife

The deba is a heavy knife for gutting and filleting fish, and removing the scales of smaller fish. The sharpness and weight of its durable thick blade lets you glide the knife along fish bones to separate the fillets, as well as cut through fish heads, fish ribs, even poultry. The deba is also used by Japanese chefs to chop fish and shrimp into a paste. Aoki Hamono uses the term "ai-deba" interchangeably with "deba" but they are the same product.

Matching Cover
Wooden Knife Saya Cover for Deba Knife 210mm

Wooden Knife Saya Cover for Deba Knife 210mm (8.2")

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