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Sakai Takayuki Damascus Hammered VG-10 Sujihiki 240mm (9.4")



Style : Sujihiki
Length : 240mm (9.4")
Weight : 6.24 oz
Special Feature : 33 layer damascus
Blade Steel Type : VG 10 Steel
Handle material : Mahogany Wood
HRC : 60
Bevel Angle Ratio : 60/40 (available for left, right-handed)
Cover : Not included

Blade & Handle

This knife is made with a VG10 core, and hammered to produce a 33 layer damascus pattern. VG10 is one of the best stain resistant steels used for blades, and this knife has an excellent cutting edge as well as edge retention.

Each knife is carefully finished by the craftsmen of Sakai Takayuki so you can rest assured that the knife will perform right out of the box.

Sujihiki Knife

Sakai Takayuki Sujihiki knife has a light weight because it is the sharpness of the blade that will slice through effortlessly. And it is ideal for carving cooked meats, slicing sashimi, terrines and pates.

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