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Rubber Heavy Duty Fish Scaler


With one of the highest per capita consumption of seafood in the world and an obsession for the freshest seafood, Japan naturally has the best tools to fabricate fish. This heavy duty fish scaler is typically used by fishmongers who need to work as efficiently and quickly as possible. Especially suitable for large fish such as grouper and sea bream.
This scaler can prevent bacterias from scattering around kitchen area and can fabricate quickly and beautifully.

5 Features

1. Protects your kitchen from spreading bacteria when scaling fish.
2. This scaler can handle a wide range of fish scales regardless of the size and toughness.
3. Twice as productive compared to other fish scalers.
4. With perfectly scaled fish you don't have to worry about damaging your knife's blade when filleting.
5. The ultimate scaler created by Japanese Sushi Chefs pursuing a more efficient scaler for the industry. This rubber scaler was finally brought to completion after 2 years of trial and error and without compromising on the quality.


Material: Rubber and Stainless steel
Dimensions: 4.3"x 7.8" h (11cm w x 20cm)
Made in Japan

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