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[Clearance] Ridged Turquoise Noodle Bowl 38 fl oz / 7.75" dia


This beautiful turquoise bowl came from Japanese pottery. The interior is glazed glossy as if coated with enamel and the exterior is ridged not only to add a rustic design but also to prevent from slipping in hands.

This noodle bowl is typically used for serving noodle dishes such as ramen, soba, udon, but can also be used for salad, stews and hearty soups.


• Material: Ceramic (Mino Ware / Sendan Takahama)
• Dimensions: 7.75" dia x 3.46" ht (19.7cm dia x 8.8cm ht)
• Capacity: 1120 ml / 38 fl oz
• Weight: 1.61 lb

* Please be advised that each individual piece has a slightly unique design and color variation and may look slightly different from the photo

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