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Pilot Ice Pick with Safety Spring 24cm (9.5")



• Material: Stainless steel, wood and plastic
• Dimensions: 9.5" (24cm)

Japanese bartenders and mixologists have been in the spotlight for the past few years, gaining recognition in world cocktail championships for their presentation, precision, professionalism, attention to detail, shaking techniques, and of course, high quality bar tools. Just as Japanese knives have become the preferred choice among many chefs and cooks around the world, Japanese bar tools have started to become the top choice for bartenders and mixologists worldwide.

Japanese bartenders are not only insistent on using quality ice (clear, with minimal air pockets) but on using the best tools to properly carve the ice as well. Go to any of the top bars in Japan and you will be amazed to see the bartender skillfully carve blocks of ice into the desired shape (to order!). Some bartenders will use a knife while some prefer to use ice picks like this.

Large ice balls are a great complement to whiskeys, certain cocktails and other drinks on the rocks because they keep the drink cold without diluting it. Pilot's ice picks are economical and an industry standard in Japan. This particular pick has a safety spring to protect your hands from injuries.

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