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Non-slip Black Rectangular Serving Tray with Handles 15.55" x 10.87"


This serving tray (called obon in Japan) is typically used when serving foods from kitchen to table. It has wooden pattern and handles on both sides. Obon or serving trays can also be used for display or as placemats when serving a set menu. The surface is non-slip, so that you can feel confident when serving any dishes that they will remain safe and secure.


• Material: ABS resin (plastic)
• Dimensions: 15.55" x 10.87" x 0.83" ht (39.5cm x 27.6cm x 2.1cm ht)
• Weight: 1.17 lbs
• Heat resistant temperature: Up to 140 °F (60°C). To be safe these should be washed by hand.

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