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Cobalt Donbri Bowl with lined interior 32 fl oz, 5.83" dia


This bowl is ideal for serving Dinburi such as Katsu-don, Oyako-don and Ten-don and noodles such as Udon, Soba. This beautiful cobalt graze called Gosu reflects nostalgic Japanese tableware.


• Material: Ceramics (Mino Ware)
• Dimensions: 5.83" dia" x 3.54" ht (14.8cm dia x 9cm ht)
• Capacity: 945 ml / 32 fl oz
• Weight: 1.12 lb


• The glaze used for this bowl contains iron that creates some small dents on the surface, so each bowl looks unique and please enjoy the texture.
• These bowls are dishwasher safe but we highly recommend that you wash them by hand.

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