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Nenox Fish Bone Tweezer 18-8 Stainless Kanto Style 5.13"


With one of the highest per capita consumption of seafood in the world and an obsession for the freshest seafood, Japan naturally has the best tools to fabricate fish. Quality fish bone tweezers are essential for preparing perfect fish fillets without tearing the flesh.

These particular tweezers are made of 18-8 stainless steel and handmade to bring fish bone tweezers to another level. They are forged in a way so that it can clasp even the thinnest fish bone without cutting into it. These finely constructed fish bone tweezers are also great for thicker fish bones as the spring is of high quality and will last a long time without weakening. The middle of these tweezers is hammered over 500 times to achieve this feature and only 10 can be made daily.


Material: Stainless steel (18-8)
Length : 5.13" / Width of Tip : 0.63" / Thickness : 0.13"

2 Things to know what good tweezers are.

1. Good quality tweezers should be constructed in a way that allows both sides of the tip clamp against each other with no space in between.
If there is no space in between, it can grasp the thinnest of bones, and you do not have to expend extra strength or effort when removing these bones.

These tweezers have a space in between. These tweezers are well constructed and do not have any space in between.

2.Does it have shinnuki?
Shinnuki is achieved by hammering the middle portion of the tweezers. This attention to detail results in a more flexible yet durable spring, requiring less effort and strength when pulling out bones. This ergonomic design offers comfort even over a long period of use.

The left has no shinnuki. The right has shinnuki.