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Nano Hone NL-5 Lapping Plate for Sharpening Stone from 400 grit to 30,000 grit



Material: Cast Metal/Diamond Matrix
Dimensions: 9.5" x 2.5" x 0.5"ht (24 x 6 x 2 cm)

The Nano Hone NL-5 lapping plate is designed to flatten waterstones from 20μm(micron) to 0.5μm(micron) (from 400 grit to 30,000 grit).
The NL-6 is a traditional plated design. However, unlike standard designs, the NL-6 has a raised diamond coated structures. It is the edges of these raised diamond structures that are doing the heavy work.
The NL-5 has a star and hexagon pattern maximizing the number of working edges. This increases the number of edge-material contact points

Why should I have a lapping plate?

• To flatten the surface of sharpening stones.
• To clean the surface of sharpening stones.
• To chamfer the edge of sharpening stones.

Nano Hone was founded by Harrelson Stanley, the founder of Shapton USA. With 40 years of experience flattening whetstones, they are redefining modern sharpening and lapping, and introducing innovations in diamond technology to existing tools and methods.

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