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Nano Hone #400 Sharpening Water Stone



Grid: #400/35μm
Type: Slpash and Go
Abrasive: Spherical White Alumina
Binder: Resinoid
Best for: Carbon and Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 8.27" x 2.95" x 0.67" (0.4" Stone thickness) / 21 x 7.5 x 1.7 cm (1.0cm Stone thickness)

The Nano Hone 400 is suitable for moderate to severe repairs on carbon and stainless steel knives. It has a nice tactile feel while sharpening and its scratch pattern is fairly fine on softer cladding. It is somewhat friable and works up a mud, especially with higher pressure but resists dishing well compared to a traditional stone. We find this stone and indeed this whole series of stones to be excellent for those looking for a low-maintenance splash and go stone with a more traditional feel. It leaves good contrast on both stainless and iron clad knives.

This stone leaves a finish above its stated grit size. With good technique this can be used as a final stage for softer knives which may benefit from a coarser edge.

Matching Holder
Stone Stage for Nano Hone Sharpening Water Stone

Stone Stage for Nano Hone Sharpening Water Stone

Nano Hone was founded by Harrelson Stanley, the founder of Shapton USA. With 40 years of experience flattening whetstones, they are redefining modern sharpening and lapping, and introducing innovations in diamond technology to existing tools and methods.