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Moss Brown Ceramic Sake Server 9 fl oz



• Material: Ceramic
• Dimensions: 3.39" dia x 4.29" ht (8.6cm dia x 10.9cm ht)
• Capacity: 9 fl oz / 266 ml
• Weight: 0.39 lbs

* Matching cup sold separately
* Please be advised that each individual piece has a slightly unique design and color variation and may look slightly different from the photo

Sake is Japan's national alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, and can be enjoyed in a variety of different vessels. This is a ceramic tokkuri, or flask that is suitable for both cold and warm sakes. Sake is commonly served in these flasks and left at the table since it is part of Japanese etiquette to pour each other sake. Match these with the cups of the same color and design or mix and match for a more fun approach.

Matching Cup
Moss Brown Ceramic Sake Cup 2 fl oz

Moss Brown Ceramic Sake Cup 2 fl oz
SKU: 97449

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