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Misono Swedish Carbon Steel Yo-Deba 165mm (6.5")



Style : Yo-Deba
Length : 165mm (6.5")
Weight : 12.9 oz (366g)
Blade Steel Type : Swedish Carbon Steel
Handle Type : Composite Wood
HRC : 60
Bevel Angle Ratio : 70/30
Cover : Not included

Swedish Carbon Steel

Misono Swedish Carbon steel series is made with Swedish carbon steel, with a high level of purity and each knife is hand-ground and finished. Being pure carbon steel, these knives will react to moisture and acidity present in foods and may cause some discoloration; this is harmless and natural. We recommend that a rust remover is purchased in conjunction with these knives to remove patina and possible rust that may form. Letting a patina (black iron oxide) form on the outside of the blade will reduce further reactivity with foods and make the blade's surface more stable.

These knives are very easy to sharpen and maintain; they may be maintained with a honing rod although we always recommend stones as the preferable method of maintenance. The steel is very easy to deburr and achieves a keen edge with ease.

Misono Yo-Deba Knife

The Yo-Deba literally means Western deba and has a double-bevel edge, making it ideal for cutting through lobster and crab shells.

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