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Mini Atoma #140 Diamond Sharpening Plate for Knives Coarse



Material: Diamond lapped on plastic
Grit: 140 (Coarse)
Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" ht

"Atoma Economy" by Tsuboman is the economical choice for diamond sharpening plates. Unlike whetstones and other ceramic sharpening stones, a diamond plate will not wear down or concave over time. You also don't need water to sharpen your knives. Atoma will remove steel very quickly, and the plate will never clog because it is made using a special patented dispersion technique. You can even use it to flatten sharpening stones! Use this coarse, 140 grit plate to fix minor chips and to recreate an edge on your blade.

Recommended Sharpening Stones

This sharpening stone fixer is suitable for all coarse grit stones and medium grit up to about 2000. This fixer can flatten stones that are higher grit than 2000, but it will put deep gouges in the surface which can be hard to get out and may affect sharpening. For finer grit stones we recommend Atoma 400 or any of the other Nano Hone that we carry.

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