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Melamine White Kobiki Noodle Bowl 40.3 fl oz / 7.4" dia


This noodle bowl is typically used for serving noodle dishes such as ramen, soba and udon but can also be used for salads and hearty soups.
Melamine products are a popular choice for busy restaurants when a highly durable, lightweight, well-insulated material is desired. Traditional clay-fired dishes are beautiful, to be sure. However, clay bowls will absorb and transfer the heat of whatever is contained within more quickly which can cause the food to lose its heat faster. Not only is melamine a better insulator, so the food stays warmer for longer, but it is also highly durable meaning it can withstand physical and thermal shocks that clay may not.
During the manufacture of these dishes, black powder is dusted over the surface to create very fine speckles which mimic the appearance of a traditional porcelain.


• Material : Melamine Plastic
• Size : 7.4" dia x 3.8" ht (18.9cm dia x 9.8cm ht)
• Capacity: 1190ml / 40.3 fl oz
• Weight : 0.69 lbs
• Dishwasher Safe
• Temperature resistance: 248°F / 120°C
• Non-microwaveable
• Made in Japan

Melamine Care

• Dishwasher safe but should be placed on upper racks to avoid heat source to prevent deformations.
• Washing by hand with soft pads or bristles using gentle detergent is recommended.
• Avoid low quality dishwashing detergent when pre-soaking.
• Avoid using scrub pads, steel wool and strong chemicals like bleach and industrial detergents.

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