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Melamine Black Matte Renge Ramen Spoon 6.25" Length


Melamine spoons are an economical alternative to ceramic spoons. Melamine resin is thermoset, which means that it can withstand high temperatures. Lighter and less fragile than ceramic spoons, these spoons are more suitable for high volume establishments. This spoon is perfect for ramen and other soup noodle dishes because the handle will rest against the side of the bowl and not slide down.
Melamine products are a popular choice for busy restaurants because of its durability and lightweight, also BPA free and completely food safe.

• Material : Melamine Plastic (BPA-free)
• Size : 2" width of spoon, 0.825" height of spoon, 6.25" length
• Capacity: 21 ml (0.7 oz)
• Weight : 0.10 lb

Melamine Care

• Dishwasher safe but should be placed on upper racks to avoid heat source to prevent deformations.
• Washing by hand with soft pads or bristles using gentle detergent is recommended.
• Avoid low quality dishwashing detergent when pre-soaking.
• Avoid using scrub pads, steel wool and strong chemicals like bleach and industrial detergents.

Melamine Use

• Avoid heating in Microwave or Oven.
• Not recommended for serving foods over 158 degrees Fahrenheit
• Foods that require cutting should not be served on Melamine material as it is prone to scratches

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