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Matte Black Stackable Bowl 29 fl oz / 6.3" dia


These matte black bowls provide a neutral base for vibrant dishes such as sashimi or salads. Deep colors will contrast starkly and make the ingredients shine. These bowls and other like it that we carry are stackable, even when mixing and matching, for ease of storage.


• Material: Ceramics
• Dimensions: 6.3" dia x 2.1" ht (16cm dia x 5.4cm ht)
• Capacity: 850 ml / 29 fl oz (Filled to the brim)
• Weight: 0.96 lb


Please be aware that these bowls are dishwasher safe but we recommend that you wash them by hand to avoid worn away.


Koyo Pottery was founded in 1964. It was around the time the Olympics were held in Tokyo. We started out as an overseas exporter and have continued to refine our manufacturing technology, production system, and design to this day. The times have changed drastically, but their aim of “creating dinnerware that professionals required for ” has not changed and is still alive. Koyo Pottery is located on the Tono region in Gifu Prefecture where takes account of more than 50% of Japanese pottery production. This area is rich in high-quality soil essential for producing ceramic ware, and there are many production sources, from factories capable of mass production to small factories, and a large-scale manufacturing network connecting them is established.

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