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Lightweight Iron Fire Starter Pot


Speed up the process of lighting your charcoal in this lightweight iron pot with consistent and even heating.

Lighting the charcoal

It's best to light the charcoal in a fire starter pot or otherwise over a direct open flame. Off-gassing is most prevalent with charcoal during its ignition there will be open flame, so it's best not to cook food at this stage to avoid burnt and acrid flavors. Ensuring that the charcoal is completely lit before cooking with it will give the best results.


If you wish to re-use the charcoal, it's important to extinguish it safely and effectively following use. Smothering in a fire-proof container is the best option, as you want to remove the source of oxygen to stop the combustion. Please don't douse the coals in water or other liquids as this will saturate the charcoal and you will need to dry it fully before re-lighting.


Material: [Pot] Iron (Melamine resin coating), [Handle] Wood
Dimensions: 5.7" dia, 13" length from the pot to the handle, 2.4" ht (14.5cm dia × 33.0cm length × 6cm ht)
Weight: 7 oz (200g)

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