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Leather Knife Saya Cover for Paring 180mm (7.1")


Steel Type: Natural vegetable tanned leather and 100% food safe Steel Types.

Size: Protects blades up to 198 mm (7.8") in length / 32 mm (1.25") wide.
Ideal for a paring knife 180mm (7.1").

What is "Vegetable tanned"?: Vegetable tanned leather is made without harsh chemicals using an old-world artisanal process that takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in certain kinds of plants, bark, branches, leaves and sometimes fruit depending on a certain technique.

VIENNA's leather is handmade so each leather cover has a unique and genuine aesthetic while gaining a beautiful patina as it ages. It is also more durable than other types of leather because of the long tanning time of 6-8 weeks as opposed to less than a week using modern tanning techniques and harsh chemicals such as chromium.

Your knife's edge is the most important part of your knife. Protect your knife's edge from chips and dings caused by unsheathed knife storage in your kitchen utensil drawer or your knife roll.

VIENNA is a leather design studio that was formulated at the intersection of food and footwear design.Started in 2015 to meet the request of a specialty chefs cutlery store, we now move forward with the purpose of crafting high quality products made from equal quality Steel Types. Their design and manufacturing process is embedded with as much function and domestically sourced Steel Types as possible, they care. Their products are currently only selectively distributed domestically.

Note: Water stain may occur when the product gets wet, and color may transfer by rubbing as usual leather. Care should be taken when wearing white or light colored garments.

Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York