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Kyocera Diamond Wheel Knife Sharpener for Ceramic and Steel Knives RSD-01-BK


A super-efficient easy to use knife sharpener featuring a durable diamond wheel that will refresh the sharpness of steel knives and Kyocera ceramic knives. The #1000 grit diamond wheel is the strength of the knife sharpener, providing excellent wear resistance and consistent results every time. This sharpener can be used on ceramic or metal knives.


Material: ABS Resin, Diamond lapped on wheel
Made in Japan

Care & Use

•  Hold the sharpener on a flat level surface
•  Put the knife blade in the slot and lightly pull backwards only several times for the best results
•  Rinse thoroughly with water and dry after each use
•  Note: Not for use on serrated blades


For warranty information please visit Kyocera's Warranty page

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