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King #1000 Home Knife Sharpening Stone K-45



• Material: Synthetic stone
• Grit: 1000
• Dimensions: 176 x 52 x 15 mm (6.93" x 2.05" x 0.6")
• Type: Soaking

This whetstone is mounted on a plastic holder.

Use this medium grit stone to create a cutting edge on a blade. The Home Stone is more appropriate for home use or for those who do not sharpen regularly because it is the smallest size of the #1000 King stones. This whetstone should be soaked until the bubbles stop surfacing. If you want to buy just one stone, getting a medium grit is a smart choice because it is coarse enough to create a cutting edge but fine enough to leave the blade reasonably smooth. King is one of the top choices for sharpening stones among chefs in Japan.

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