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King Delux #400 Knife Sharpening Stone No.400L



Material: Synthetic stone
Grit: 400 (Coarse)
Dimensions: 220x80x70mm (7.28" x 2.44" x 0.98")
Weight: 4.99 lbs (2,265 g)
Type: Splash-and-go

The King Deluxe 400 grit is a large brick-sized coarse stone with a tight, vitrified bond. We find this stone best suited to carbon and low-alloy stainless steels due to its minimally friable nature. When fresh, this stone cuts very effectively and dishes very slowly; however, after some time the cutting surface can dull slightly if it is not allowed to build up a slurry/mud. In this case we recommend lapping with loose grit abrasive and a cinderblock, bathroom tile, piece of tempered glass or other similarly flat and robust material. We use this stone primarily for coarse scratch removal. It will leave a tight, uniform scratch pattern with minimal contrast between soft and hard steel which serves to highlight imperfections and remaining scratches in your sharpening bevel.