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All Natural Mandarin Squeezed Juice Kanten Jelly Gift Set 8 Packs of 5.3 oz (150g)


Based on Ito Farm's 100% pure juice, this jelly is made without any gelatin or pectin, and only use Kanten which is made from seaweed. The juice is made by cutting citrus in half and gently squeezed with a bowl so that only juice can be extracted. The fruits are grown with organic fertilizer and less pesticide by Ito Farm. There is no dripping feeling that is common in 100% straight juice and it tastes like real fruits. It will be a great gift.

The reason why oranges from Wakayama prefecture are delicious

Blessed with the warm climate of Kishu and the sea breeze from the Kuroshio Current, Wakayama has the highest production of oranges in Japan. Arita, which has been cultivated for a long time in Wakayama Prefecture, is famous as a production center for producing high-quality oranges. "Kishu Arita orange", which grows in the sun in a well-drained terraced field on the southern slope of the mountain of Arita, continues to be loved by many as a sweet and delicious orange brand.

Ito Farm's particular cultivation method

All oranges from Ito Farm use less than half the normal amount of pesticides and are cultivated using only organic fertilizers. Therefore, the garden of Ito Farm is certified as a "special agricultural product" by the Wakayama Organic Certification Association. In addition, we do everything we can do by hand and grow oranges with great care.
We are working hard to make oranges and products with the desire to eat with peace of mind.


• Ingredients:
[Mikan] Mikan Squeezed Juice, Water, Kanten
[Kiyomi] Kiyomi Squeezed Juice, Water, Sugar, Kanten
[Shiranui (Dekopon)] Shiranui Squeezed Juice, Water, Sugar, Kanten
[Amanatsu] Amanatsu Squeezed Juice, Water, Sugar, Kanten
• 5.3 oz (150g) x 8 Packs
• Shelf Life: Approx. up to 180 days (Before opening)
• Manufacturer: Ito Noen
• Product of Japan (Wakayama Prefecture)

Product Disclaimer

We import food products from Japan via sea, so the shelf life will be shorter than it is in the Japanese markets. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the freshness and quality of this product and that it will be delivered to you within any applicable expiration dates. Food products cannot be returned unless the expiration date is within 30 days when the item is delivered. If any food items in your order do not meet your expectations please contact us within 4 days after the receipt of your order. You can reach to us at home@mtckitchen.com or (201) 806-1827.

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