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Kanayama Matte Brown Bean Shaped Plate 9.17" x 6.38"


Kanayama Pottery

“Tsugaru Kanayama” pottery is made from high quality resources found at a local reservoir. These pieces of pottery are made using the "Yakishime Method", a technique in which unglazed pottery is faced directly into a fire fueled by local Japanese Red Pine Wood. The pottery is brought to a high temperature of 2462°F creating a natural and unique pattern on the surface for each piece of pottery.

Our new collection of Kanayama pottery, called “Sangiri”, is produced by indirectly heating pottery that's buried in ash. The same effect is also achieved when pottery is fired up in a furnace and heated until oxidation occurs. The lack of oxygen that these methods create cause greys and blues that are seen in nature, to appear in patterns on the surface of the pottery.

The pattern of circles you see on the plate is from a technique called "Botamochi". Round or circular smaller shaped pottery are place on top of the plate to be fired and put into the furnace. After firing up the plates, the small circular pottery is removed, exposing round marks left on the plate or bowl.

This bean shaped matte brown plate has a rustic and unique design, which will complement any cuisine like French, Italian and Mexican as well as Japanese. This unique shape is easy for server to hold and perfect size for serving assortments of appetizers.


• Material: Ceramic
• Dimensions: 9.17" x 6.38" x 0.51" ht (23.3cm x 16.2cm x 1.3cm ht)
• Weight: 0.8 lbs

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