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Kanayama Hanging Leather Strop #3000



• Material: Cordovan (horse) leather, Stainless Steel
• Dimensions: 23.62" x 2.76" (60 x 7 cm)
• Thickness: 0.07" (1.8mm)


This is Hand crafted item and you may see small imperfections (small Crease, Pitted face or Pitted scar). This item cannot be returned due to these imperfections.

Kanoyama Strops

Kanoyama (sometimes seen as Kanayama on internet forums) strops are made from cordovan (horse) leather by Mr. Naomi Kanoyama at his factory in Tokyo. Mr. Kanoyama has gained international acclaim in straight razor communities for the quality of his razor strops, processing the leather all by himself in his shop each step of the way.

Leather Strops

Each strop comes with a Zukku (linen strop) attached to the reverse of the polished leather. For best results, it is recommended to break in the linen strop by running it through a washing machine several times with softener added. The numbers printed on the strops correspond to the thickness of the leather used, with higher numbers denoting thicker leather; the thicker parts of horse hide are much harder to come by and are more time consuming to tan and polish, which adds to the production price. The thicker strops (#70000-#90000) come with a horse butt suede strop in addition to the linen strop. You can think of the progression of these strops as being coarse (linen), medium (suede) and fine (polished leather). While intended originally for straight razor honing, they work quite well on kitchen knives as well; we use the linen side often to deburr prior to final finishing of knives we sharpen here and depending on the final finish desired, may strop on leather.

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