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Kamenoko Tawashi Scrubbing Brush



This biodegradable, all-natural scrubbing brush has been around in Japanese households for over 100 years and is made from hemp palm fiber. Each brush is carefully tied and finished by hand. Indispensable in the kitchen, this brush is hard, durable and waterproof, ideal for scrubbing pots (especially cast iron) and tackling the toughest grime in your kitchen and bathroom. It comes with a metal hook so you can hang it up to dry. "Kame" means turtle in Japanese and this name was given to this tool because of its long life span and similarity in appearance.


Material: Hemp palm
(Small) 2.75" x 3.33" / 6.98cm x 8.45cm- SKU#:93647
(Large) 2.75" x 5.13" / 6.98cm x 13.03cm - SKU#:93646

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