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Iwatani Professional Torch Burner PRO PLUS CB-TC-CJ


The iwatani torch burner has become the standard for kitchens everywhere. Use it to lightly sear raw seafood or meat, or put the finishing touch on desserts such as creme brulee.


• Dimensions: 19.53"(W) x 8.90"(D) x 9.30"(H)
• Weight: 0.73 lbs
• Burning Time: Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes (with Iwatani Butane Fuel 8oz)
• Model: CB-TC-CJ
• Made in Japan


• Equipped for one hand operation
• Max. Flame Temp : Approx. 2700 °F/1500 °C
• Adjustable flame strength and shape
• Hold button for continuous operation (This is the difference from Iwatani Torch Burner CB-TC-PRO2 (97965))
• Comes with a stabilizing plate
• Burning Time Approx. 1hour 40minutes (Iwatani Butane Fuel 8oz - Unfortunately we do not sell the gas canisters)

* Please be aware that this product is for commercial use and does not have any child proof features/functions