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井村屋 羊羹 小倉 Imuraya Yokan Ogura 4 pcs x 58g


Yokan is a traditional Japanese confection made from red bean paste. Red beans or azuki are ingrained into Japanese culture and are consumed in various forms (sekihan, ohagi, sakura mochi, etc) during holidays. Red beans are packed with protein, vitamins (B1, B2), polyphenols, potassium, phosphorus, iron and fiber. Imuraya uses carefully selected high-quality azuki beans from Hokkaido. This 4-pack comes in perfectly portioned single servings of chunky red bean paste. Individually wrapped in a convenient and easy to open package. The sweetness of the red pean pairs perfectly with bitter matcha green tea.


• Ingredients: Sugar, Sugared Red Bean (Red Bean, Sugar), Red Bean Paste, Millet Jelly, Agar, Salt.
• 8.18oz (232g) - 4 pieces of 4.045 oz (58g)
• Calories: 281 kcal/100g
• Shelf Life: Approximately up to 270 days
• Manufacturer: Imuraya (井村屋)
• Country of Origin: Japan

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