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Honenuki Tatsujin III Fish Bone Pliers


With one of the highest per capita consumption of seafood in the world and an obsession for the freshest seafood, Japan naturally has the best tools to fabricate fish. Quality fish bone tweezers are essential for preparing perfect fish fillets without tearing the flesh.

These pliers make removing pin bones easy. A specially shaped thin tip allows you to grasp the bone tightly and easily remove them. The handles are slip resistant and easy to grasp, reduce fatigue and improve work efficiency. You can disassemble by removing the spring for thorough cleaning.

They are popular among food service professionals at sushi shops, supermarkets, fishmongers, hotels and restaurants in Japan. With an ergonomic design, these pliers are also comfortable to hold, and will remove bones efficiently, minimizing tears of both the bones and flesh of the fish.


Material: Stainless steel, Plastic
Dimensions: 4.95"L x 3.15" W (12.6 x 8cm)
Weight: 0.18 lbs (80g)

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