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Hasegawa Soft Rubber Cutting Board 23.5" x 11.8" x 0.3" ht


This soft and lightweight cutting board (Manaita) is designed for use with high grade knives, and produced with several benefits.
- Soft surface keeps knife sharpness longer.
- Non-slippery surface (little embossed surface) gives you more delicate cuts.
- Bleach safe
- Made in Japan


• Keep away from fire or high temperature, or it may be deformed, melted or burnt.
• Please make equal use of both sides. Do not encourage intensive use of just one side.


• Material: Elastomer
• Dimensions:23.5" x 11.8" x 0.3" ht (60cm x 30cm x 0.8cm ht)
• Color: Beige


• Use Cutting Board Scraper to erases tough spots, yellowing, molds, grooves and feathering from the surface of your cutting board.


• Do not use or store at temperatures over 194°F (90°C) or below -22°F (-30°C).
• Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer.
• Warping and deformation may occur when weight is applied over a long period at high temperature. If that happens, heat the board to about 176°F (80°C), place it on a flat surface, place something heavy on top and let it cool.

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