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Hangiri Cypress Wooden Rice Barrel with Sanitary Stainless Hoop 26" dia


A hangiri is a wooden barrel or tub that is traditionally used to mix rice with vinegar when making sushi. It is also used to mix rice with a variety of ingredients to make chirashizushi. Sushi chefs prefer to use this wooden hangiri over plastic containers because wood absorbs the right amount of moisture from the rice to prevent sogginess and make it the perfect texture.

Our Hangiri barrels are made from Heartwood of Sawara cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera) selected from the Kiso district. Heartwood is the mature part of wood known for its high water resistance, durability as well as its fine texture and high utility value. Most cheap hangiri are made from Sapwood which is soft outer layers of recently formed wood and prone to mold growth. Although heartwood and sapwood look similar, most often, Sapwood is used in the production of cheap wood products like mixing bowls or cooking utensils.
We are confident in the high-quality production of hangiri that you can trust.

These stainless steel hoops bring the mixing bowl more hygienic!
The essential Sawara Cypress Hangiri for Sushi Restaurants has become more sanitary. This Stainless-Steel Hoop version might look unfamiliar but it will not create green rust or loosen with temperature change unlike the common copper version. Health Inspectors will always prefer Stainless Steel items over Copper.

Cypress wood transfers its natural aroma to rice, so the taste becomes more flavorful and pleasant.


Material: Cypress wood, Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 26" dia (66 cm)


Please make sure to dry the hangiri facing outward to prevent any mold growth.

Click here for a supporting letter for the use of a wooden hangiri for your restaurant. We understand that food safety is important and that health authorities in certain states may object to the use of these wooden barrels but we think it is important to preserve this traditional use of the hangiri. Please note that this is to support the use of hangiri made in Japan only.

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