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Giyaman Daisy Glossy Blue Kobachi Bowl 10 fl oz / 4.96" dia


The word of "GIYAMAN" was used in the early Edo era to describe "glass" which was imported from overseas. The GIYAMAN series is glazed with the special shiny color which makes it look like glassware and definitely compliments the presentation of food. This beautiful blue color, it's called "eggplant navy blue," is inspired by the traditional Japanese indigo dyeing art.
The kobachi (which literally means "small bowl"), is typically used to serve appetizers in Japanese cuisine, but also perfect to serve side dishes or desserts.


• Material: Porcelain (Kaneko Kohyo Pottery in Gifu Prefecture)
• Dimensions: 4.96" dia x 2.13" ht (12.6cm dia x 5.4cm ht)
• Capacity: 10 fl oz / 290 ml
• Weight: 0.54 lbs

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