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Frozen Promise Land Boneless Pork Top Loin Approx. 4 lbs


Promiseland Pork is processed by Heritage Pork, located in Iowa, USA. All animals are carefully managed from breeding, growing to finish by local USA family farmers. Promiseland Pork is a program that crossbreed between Kurobuta and Duroc Pork for superior meat quality. Compared to other pork, the differences are seen in:1. Texture- Shorter fibers makes the meat tender and soft, 2. Marbling- Extra fine marbling balances the meat and fat 3. Flavor- Extra high PH level that keep the meat extra juicy and flavorful.


• Manufacturer: Heritage Pork
• Ingredients: Pork (Antibiotic & Grouwth Hormone Free, Ethically, humanely raised on vegetarian diet for clean and sweet meat taste)
• Net Weight: Approx. 4 lbs
• Country of Origin: United States
• Shelf Life: Approx. up to 670 days in freezer

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